When is the best age to start Ballet Dance Classes?

Many studies recommend taking ballet classes from an early age, as that will promote the most beneficial long-term effects. However, many parents ask themselves just how old their children should be when they enroll them.

Most children develop an interest in music and dance from an early age, some even after taking their first steps, and parents should encourage them to pursue this path. The best way to do this is by enrolling them in pre-ballet classes, something that many schools provide for children over the age of three. They will be introduced to a fun and inspiring environment, where they are taught the fundamentals of ballet and rhythm, further developing their creative personality. Since they will get the chance to meet and interact with other children, that means their social skills will also get a big boost, an invaluable attribute throughout their entire life. Without a doubt, not all 3-year-olds have the required attention span during classes, so it’s recommended to wait for a year or two, a decision best taken after hearing the teacher’s opinion.

Between the ages of six and nine is when most youngsters begin studying ballet, as their concentration levels are increased, they are more capable of learning efficiently and better able to correct and maintain a correct posture when introduced to the basic techniques. In ballet, there are five basic positions, invented by Pierre Beauchamp, master of the art, that are incorporated in all of the moves:

  • The feet are completely turned out while the heels remain in contact, forming a straight line;
  • Very similar to the previous, the only difference being that the heels are spread apart;
  • The heel of the front foot touches the inner middle of the back foot;
  • Just like the previous position, but the feet are a step apart;
  • The toes of a foot touch the heel of the other foot.

Learning ballet at this age has many benefits that positively affect many areas in a child’s development. Their discipline and concentration will be greatly improved, meaning you shouldn’t be surprised if their grades in school get better, or at least they will start school on the right foot, if they’re too young. Like any other physical activity, ballet lessons open up the way towards appreciating and embracing a healthy lifestyle. Ballet classes give them the chance to perform in front of an audience or their colleagues, which bolsters their confidence and self-esteem, something every parent wants for their children, especially during their teenage years.

Even though many believe the best age to enrol your children in ballet classes is between six and nine, that shouldn’t stop you if your child is older and that’s something he/she wants. With proper motivation, dedication and hard work, it shouldn’t be too difficult for them to get the hang of it, and maybe even enjoy a bright career in ballet.
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