Wedding Dance: Creating the Experience of Your Dreams.

There are many parts and elements of a wedding celebration that we love and enjoy. The reception, the photoshoot, the ceremony and the vows are all part of the magic. This lasting memory is imprinted and documented in video and photo and will accompany you for your entire lives. It is something to remember long down the road.

20724401_blogThere is also, of course, the music and the dance floor. Every wedding has those components as dancing is one of the most enjoyable parts of the night. And every couple plans it out differently. Some will just get a DJ and let the guests enjoy themselves. Others decide to have one ceremonial dance before the floor is opened for everybody else.

Here, instead of opting for the undemanding but slightly dull experience of the simple “slow” dance, there is another great option. Get a few professional classes and learn a dance that will thrill you and your guests, and will look really great on photo and video.

There is nothing quite like dancing to strengthen the bond between two loving people and add flare to the celebration. Wedding dances vary and can be suited for any type of couple’s temperament, preference and experience. So what kind of dance style should you choose? Here are a few considerations.

The Wedding Dance should be Fun

The main consideration is to enjoy the dance. Pick a dance style you already love and maybe know a few moves for. Make sure you plan ahead and don’t choose a dance that is too complicated to learn in the time you have left until the wedding. With some dancing experience, a more elaborate dance can be learned. If you are not too sure, go for something lighter and simpler.

Choosing a Wedding Dance Style to your Preferences

If you are into formal, neatly geometrical dancing styles, the Waltz will be a great choice for you. The basic moves are relatively easy to learn, and you can even get some of your closest guests to learn it with you. This will create a beautiful display of swirling couples on the dance floor and a true jewel of the evening.

Tango is ideal for the passionate couple with lots of emotional heat to share and display. The moves are daring, fast and the couple is very close together, which makes for a dazzling show and an unforgettable experience.

If your temperament is flirty and playful, then Rumba and Cha-Cha are great styles to go for. Both dances are energetic, fun and fast-paced, while being relatively easy to learn. Those are also styles that you can get others to learn and join you on the dance floor, making for a great start for the dancing party.

The beautiful thing with wedding dances is that unlike other, more transitory, decorations of the wedding party, it is an experience you take with you. Not only in your memories and photographs. Most couples who’d learned a wedding dance will continue taking dancing classes, enhancing their relationship and deepening their connection. Enjoy your wedding dance!

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