_OSB0201Spray Tans Now Available at Dance DNA!

For that professional look when out on the dance floor, consider a spray tan to really bring out your natural glow. We all know the inherent dangers of tanning in the sun, due to the harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. Don’t chance it. Instead, go with a completely safe professional organic spray tan solution great for all ages. This revolutionary new spray tan is now available at Dance DNA.

When you’re out on the dance floor showing off your new steps at a competition, you want to look your best. A pasty white complexion won’t show up very well under the harsh lights. All the pros know the difference a tan makes. Used as the most popular method of tanning for dancers of all types, spray tans can be customized to your desired tone. It’s safe, fast, and makes for an even, instant tan that would take weeks to get at the beach. Plus, there are no annoying tan lines to contend with. All you get is a smooth, sleek all-over tan that complements your costume.

Using this specially formulated organic spray tan gives you an all-natural airbrushed look highlighted by a brown sugar application. What you get is a beautiful, healthy-looking glow that can be customized to your skin type. All it takes is a few minutes to transform yourself into a bronze beauty! It lasts up to a week and wears off as you shed skin cells. Compared with UV rays from the sun, this is a much safer option, especially when you need a tan in a hurry. No burning, no streaking, no tan lines. It’s that simple!

When you get an organic spray tan, you can rest easy knowing you can wash it off when you need to, with no staining to worry about. You also don’t have to worry about it staining your expensive dance costumes and outfits. You probably have had a bad experience with lots of the gels or lotions on the market today that promise an even, natural glow only to find out that all you got was an orange, streaky “tan.” With a spray tan, the process is super simple, easy, safe, and fun, resulting in the tan you’ve always wanted but without the risks.

Get your spray tan at Dance DNA today and experience just how easy it is!