Quickstep is the fastest and most dynamic of the dances of the Standard program. In this dance, there is no romance of the Waltz or conflict of the Tango, everything is fun, carefree and harmonious. Quickstep appeared during the first World War, in the suburbs of New York, originally sung by African-American singers. And after a debut at the American Music Hall it became very popular in dance halls. Foxtrot and Quickstep have a common origin. In the twenties many bands played the slow Foxtrot too fast, which caused many complaints among the dancers, so the fast Foxtrot was reborn into a new dance – Quickstep. Quickstep is filled with jumps, hops with turns to the right, left, shapes to the right and to the left, and most important of all is the mood- the ease and nonchalance. Movement: fast, light, airy, rapid, high-speed.


Mood: happy, great, joyful, playful, witty.

Scenario: holiday, luck, fun.

Aura: bright, energetic, fast-paced

Time signature: 4/4.

Beats per minute: 50.


Accents: at 1 and 3 hit.

Rise and Fall: the rise begins at the end of 1, lasts for 2 and 3, up / down at the end of 4.