Dance Classes for Children

Dance Lessons for KidsIntegrate dance lessons into your child’s education and watch him or her dance into maturity!

Dance education creates the opportunity for children to explore the various medium of communication, while experiencing a healthy development of coordination, body balance, and even kinesthetic intelligence. By signing up for dance lessons, you are not only encouraging your children to move their muscles with techniques and professional deliberation, but also teach them the value and skills of creativity, abstract thinking, and other critical skills that will aid in their social and emotional maturation.

Besides enriching your children’s interpretation of movement, rhythm, and form, the artistry of dance will also take them into the repository of culture and civilization! Even better, your children will be learning along with other dance lovers and have a blast making new friends.

Take a look at what our ballroom dance classes for children and you will know why ballroom dance is a timeless favorite for both parents and children.

Ballroom Dance Classes for Children

We offer ballroom dance classes for kids from 5 to 14 years old so you will never have to worry about finding a playmate for your child! Our children’s ballroom dance lessons were developed with a great emphasis to promote dance education in a fun and pressure-free environment. When you enroll your kid for one of our ballroom dance class, you will be thrilled to witness that learning ballroom dance is a great opportunity to help your child to develop the much-needed social skills, while having a positive cultural experience. Because ballroom dance involves lots of interaction between dancers and instructors, your child will be sure to enjoy his or her share of socialization and fun!

Sign your child up today for a ballroom dance lesson with our professional and friendly Dance DNA instructors. Watch in amazement as your child glide gracefully across the room with great confidence, flexibility, agility, and balance!

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