At Dance DNA, you decide which classes you want to attend according to your schedule and level. Not sure which option is best for you? We can help with that too, by creating a tailored recommendation to help you achieve your dance goals.

If you plan to participate regularly, it’s a good idea to explore our membership options (listed on our rates page), which provide perks such as unlimited classes and exclusive event access.

No partner? No problem! The distinctive feature of dance is the ability to dance with different partners. We’ll have you matched up and stepping to the music in no time.

Not sure what to expect? We offer promotional days that offer a FREE INDIVIDUAL and GROUP lessons. Simply give us a call at 905.597.3362.

Unique Experience in Dance DNA Academy is:

  • A variety of dance styles.
  • Teachers who are certified professionals and love their work!
  • Lovely and comfortable conditions for playing! (Large spacious change rooms, air-conditioned interior, one of the largest halls in Toronto)
  • A comfortable and accomodating waiting area for parents!
  • Semi-annual showcases and open classes during the year
  • Group photo at the end of the year included
  • You can make dancing a family activity and combine your child’s dancing with your own and learn together.
  • Flexible and convenient class schedules!
  • The studio staff is accommodating and friendly
  • Safe and favorable conditions for the dancers and their families