Kids & Toddlers Favorite Dances

If you have a child who wants to take part in a fun activity after school, why not enroll him in a dance class?

Unlike most physical activities, dance lessons offer a wide range of benefits, such as improvements in their endurance, coordination and flexibility and being able to socialize and make new friends who share the same passion, among others. Furthermore, if your child likes it and is willing to put the effort into it, dancing could become more than just a hobby for him/her when growing up, but a profession that many would envy them for.

Whatever your child’s preferences are, rest assured knowing there are a great number of dance styles to choose from, each one with its own individual traits, so it’s very unlikely you won’t be able to find a style that appeals to your toddler. It’s best to do a little research about the different forms of dance beforehand and have a chat with the child about which one they prefer.

Here’s a little info about the most popular styles of dance today:

  • Ballet: Two words come to mind when thinking of ballet: beauty and elegance. This enchanting form of dance has, unsurprisingly, been the number one attraction for little girls worldwide for many decades. Not to mention the fact that they can wear pink satin shoes and a fancy tutu while moving gracefully. Ballet is an alluring art form, used to express our emotions through dancing, music and narration. But it’s not only that. It’s also a very thorough form of exercise for your child’s body, helping her develop full body strength and fitness. On top of that, it teaches them discipline and gives them the ability to follow instructions.
  • Ballroom and Latin Dances: Thanks to the huge popularity of TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance Canada, more and more kids are brought by parents to learn these various styles, like Foxtrot, Rumba or Salsa. Since it involves a lot of cooperation between the dancers and the instructors, your child will more than likely better develop his/her socialization skills than most kids their age.
  • Hip hop/B-boying: It’ a more recent dance form and it has become increasingly in vogue these past years, due to the popularity of the music it’s danced to, mainly Hip hop and R&B. It’s most appealing to older kids and teenagers, being quite a loose dance style, where anything goes, but also leads to very creative and complex choreographies that reflect their attitude. It involves a lot of spinning, kicking, jumping and turning, teaching children how to properly control their body, rhythm, strength, memory and also gives them more confidence in themselves.

No matter what style your child wants to get involved in, it’s a safe bet they’ll have lots of fun learning it. If you’re from Toronto or Vaughan, there’s no better place than Dance DNA for your kid to learn dancing, considering they can choose from a wide variety of styles, taught by   experienced and versatile instructors.

But dancing isn’t just for children. Why not join them, too? For more details, contact us at 905.597.3362