How to Choose a Ballroom Dancing Studio for Your Children

Enrolling your child in a dance studio is a great way to help him develop and grow, physically, socially and emotionally.

Unlike many types of physical activities, dancing requires a greater range of movement, endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination and muscle memory. It involves using all of your muscles, making it an ideal total body workout. Most children are naturally active and dancing helps them channel their energy into something constructive. Through creative movement, they can better express their emotions, while becoming more aware of themselves and the people around them.

Ballroom dance is performed by a couple, in a closed embrace. The most popular styles are swing, tango, waltz and salsa. There are also two main forms of ballroom dance, each with its main characteristics: social ballroom and competitive ballroom.

Social ballroom dance is the oldest form, having its roots in the 19th century, during the age of the polka and the waltz. In this type of dance, the mindset has to be selfless generosity towards your partner, as this is the person you are dancing for, trying to make it as enjoyable as possible for them, making it most suitable for friendly and sociable people. It has no fixed choreography and its main goal is for you and your partner to have fun, where mistakes are considered inevitable. As long as you get it right 80% of the time, everyone’s happy.

Competitive ballroom dance or Dance Sport suits well with the most rigorous and competitive of us, whose only goal is to impress the judges and win the competition. To get everything right, you have to be willing to work very hard because any mistake means a deduction of points. It is considerably harder than social ballroom dance, requiring many years of hard work to master it and to be considered one of the greats.

With that in mind, it’s best to choose a style that best matches your child’s personality. As for finding the right dance studio, the ideal situation is if you know other parents whose children are taking ballroom dance lessons and if they would recommend it for your child as well. If you don’t know any, try reading online reviews of the local dance studios, as long as they are available. Narrow down the list and do a little bit of snooping around to see which one is most qualified, preferably without your child at first, as he may just want to pick the first option you visit. Most studios let you assist a class and see if the instructors are to your liking and have a good way with children. Also check to see if their locker rooms and bathrooms are properly sanitized.

There is also the matter of additional costs, besides the tuition fee. Inform yourself if they will do any performances, especially if they’re out of town and how much money you have to pay for the costumes. The distance between your house and the studio is another major factor, as anyone wants to spend less on gas and waste less time in traffic.
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