Dance Studio in Vaughan for Kids and AdultsWelcome to our dance studio in Vaughan!

When you think of a good night out, dancing is often the first thing that comes to mind. Some will think of a dancing club where couples veer in classical dance patterns, others may imagine a wilder kind of party, but dancing is still one of the must-have components for a great night.

Dancing is fun, energizing, and sensual and it is good for us, like almost nothing else. Dancing one of the first forms of communication that humanity had developed and is one of the best forms of expression and tension release.

We at Dance DNA (Dance National Academy) have taken dancing to a whole new level and our school is your best choice of a dance studio in Vaughan for both children and adults. We don’t just teach you to dance (which we of course do, and do really well). What we do is create a culture, a vibrant way of life that revolves around motion.

Our level of professionalism is unparalleled among the dance studios in Vaughan and even the GTA. With us you will be a part of a community, with competitions, parties and events.

Our dance classes are divided into categories by age and by level of proficiency and cover multiple dancing styles and techniques, ranging from the passionate Tango to the classical waltz. Whichever style of dancing strikes your fancy, we know it and will teach it with love and reverence, and also with an inspiring drive that will sweep you off your feet.

Our passion for dancing is spreading and our more serious dancers are going out there and winning prizes in competitions in all age groups.

To make the experience even more complete for those who want to improve their shape to perfection or generally keep a trimmed shape, we have a whole section of gym classes. Those range from aerobics to yoga and other workout styles for you to enjoy and keep healthy and energetic!

Hone your body and just enjoy life with Dance DNA, your best Dance Studio in Vaughan. Call us now for schedules and prices or just drop by for a free trial class and have a look for yourself. See you soon!