How to choose dance clothes – For Youngsters or Adults

Whatever style of dance you or your child chose to practice, it’s best complemented with the right dance wear. It’s also important to know the difference between the usual practice sessions and stage performances when choosing what to wear. Normally, the right dance gear is not dependent on the age of the dancer, only the style, so all you need to worry about is finding the right size.

When you want to practice a physical activity that keeps you fit and healthy, dance is certainly an excellent option for both adults and children. And there are plenty of dance styles to choose from, depending on what you or your child are interested in. The most popular ones for people of all ages are tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop and ballroom dance. Just as with any other type of exercise, it’s very important to be properly and comfortably dressed and you should take care of this matter before enrolling into any kind of dance class.

There are some dance studios that are very strict when it comes to what is appropriate to wear during class, while others are more flexible and let you decide what clothes to bring. In any case, dance clothes should always feel very comfortable on you and not restrict your movements. They can normally be bought from sporting goods stores, dance specialty shops, especially the clothes needed for performing on stage, or from the Internet.

Each dance style has its own specific dancewear and it comes down to you or your child’s preference which one you like best:

  • Ballet: This particular style of dance has been studied and perfected for hundreds of years, having originated during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century. When practiced from a young age, your child will develop great physical endurance and flexibility, mental discipline and self-confidence. In ballet, the dress code requires students to wear ballet shoes, tights and leotards. If practicing Pointe, a variation of ballet, you’ll need pointe shoes, the kind that make you stand on the tip of your toes.
  • Tap Dance: The dancer produces rhythmic sounds by tapping his feet on the floor. To make these sounds as loud and clear as possible, you’re going to need tap shoes equipped with metal taps.
  • Jazz Dance: This style is a combination of several forms of dance and requires plenty of flexibility and agility. Its most popular subcategories are Street Jazz, Modern Jazz and Old-Fashion Jazz. When performing on stage, bear in mind the costumes have to be flashy, attractive, sexy and well suited. Common articles of clothing for this style are cropped tops, hot pants, flared jazz pants and halter tops.
  • Hip-hop: It’s a modern form of dance, characterized by unconventional creativity and freedom for the dancer to exhibit its attitude. It can be performed solo or with a group. You won’t see any leotards or tights here, but baggy pants, t shirts and sneakers are more than welcome.

Whatever dance style suits you best, you’ll master it very quickly with the help of Dance DNA’s experience instructors, if you’re from Vaughan or Toronto. To get started, call 905.597.3362 today.