4 Ways to Save on Dancing Costume

Want To Save On Your Dancing Costume And Gear? Here Are Four Great Ways to Do This!

Dancing dress, for both male and female dancers can be pretty expensive. The difference between normal and specialized dancing clothes is rooted in the fact that it has to be both more durable than normal clothing and much more comfortable. Dancing shoes that are not reliable will either fall apart or make your life a living hell.

The problem is, of course, the price, with even the more modest outfits amounting to a few hundred dollars a set. And you would usually wish to have more than one set, especially if you are taking dance lessons seriously or are participating in competitions.

The thing is, however, that there is no real necessity to break the piggy bank. With a little bit of careful planning and ingenuity, you can usually outfit yourself in a pretty decent set of dancing attire for a pretty modest price. Here are a few ideas for doing just that.

Use what you have on hand. It is tempting to have new, impeccable and professionalized gear, but dance wear is usually just good clothing and quality shoes. Things that you have in your wardrobe may be just as good, and can serve you just as well without the specialized designation and “dance wear” label. Look for breathable, stretchy fabrics that allow lots of flexibility of movement. If you need to outfit a group, look for clothes that match in color and style between the dancers, to create a more cohesive appearance.

Be creative about it. If you know how to wield a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, you can make a dazzling set of dance wear for the price of fabric alone. Add this to the pride you’ll feel for having made it yourself and you are looking at the best option we can think of. You can use old clothing and thrift store items to craft the dance wear, or purchase fabric and make it from scratch. Make sure you don’t overextend yourself and match the complexity of the design to your skills.

1518 jpeg 2Sharing is caring. You can often get used dance wear from a theater costume store or a friend who’s been into dancing for a while. Many dancing schools have classified boards designated for just this purpose – equipment sharing and swapping. After all, dancing is a community and the spirit of giving is cultivated and treasured in most dancing schools.

Street and thrift shopping. The good old thrift store is always there as an option to save a buck or a hundred when shopping for dance wear. Yes, it will take some searching but if you can afford the time and need to save the money, then this is a great solution. Thrifts stores offer prices that are a fraction of the original cost and can have you outfitted with just a bit of shopping around. You can always find used dance costumes at dancednastore.ca in mint condition!

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