Dance DNA Academy was founded in 2013 by Nikolay and Anna Smodlev who dreamed of opening a life style dance studio where everyone could learn the art of dance in a professional and creative manner. Located in the heart of Vaughan, Dance DNA offers a variety of dance classes for all ages! Whether you are looking for beginner or advanced dance classes, you will find your home at Dance DNA.

Nikolay Smodlev

Nikolay Smodlev

Studio Owner, Adjudicator, Choreographer, Coach, Founder of Dance National League DNL, Director of Adult Division.

Nikolay Smodlev is one of the owners in the Dance DNA Academy. He is very accomplished dancer, impassioned about passing on his skills to his students. He utilizes all of his skills and expertise to make dancing in very gratifying and successful experience. He has earned many certificates of merit and diplomas from the Russian and Moscow Dance Sport Federations regarding European and Latin Dance Programs. Nikolay has received many letters of acknowledgement for aesthetic education and physical development of children and adults, and he was a coach for over twelve years for the Moscow Dance Sport Federation. He also organized many open inter-regional competitions. Together with his partner for life Anna Smodleva are true professionals at the highest level in both Latin and Ballroom programs, and were successfully competing for last twenty years in National and International competitions. Nikolay certified teacher of Moscow Dancesport Federation since 2008, also he certified from Russian Dance Sport Federation “Professional” with level Associate in standard and latin. Since 2011 he holds Adjudicator licenses in several dance sport organizations which are Canadian Dancesport Federation (CDF), World Dance Council (WDC), Ukrainian Dance Sport Association (UDSA) in standard, latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm.

Anna Smodleva

Anna Smodleva

Studio Co-Owner, Adjudicator, Choreographer, Coach, Founder of Dance National League DNL, Director of Kids Division.

Anna began dancing at the age of four in Moscow, Russia where she quickly fell in love with the art of dance. She quickly became an accomplished competitor in both International Latin and Standard programs. For 10 years Anna was teaching and managing several Dance Studios in Moscow, and after relocating in Toronto, In 2013 she opened Dance DNA academy together with her husband Nikolay. As a Dance DNA co-owner, Anna brings compassion and inspiration to her students. She shares her passion with all age groups and levels. She understands the differences when teaching children or adults, amateurs or professionals. She uniquely focuses on each dancer’s strengths and addresses their individual needs. Anna promotes confidence, fitness, and fun through dancing, the “seed of the soul.” Anna credits her ability to teach children using the “Russian School” of training—discipline, dedication, and passion. Her students have achieved champion status, including Canadian National Champions. Anna is always there for her students and their families, creating a warm and loving atmosphere at Dance DNA academy.


Irina Khanova

Pre-Dance,International Ballroom and Latin, Stretch and Strength

Kamil Studenny

Internationa Latin, Pro-Am

Anna Kaplii

International Latin

Olga Nor-Arevian

Pre-Dance, International Ballroom and Latin

Alex Maslanka

Hip-Hop, International Ballroom and Latin, Club Styles

Michael Rubezin

International Ballroom and Latin

Tikhostoup Catherine

International Ballroom and Latin

Timchenko Victor

International Ballroom and Latin

Evgeniya Gorobets

International Ballroom and Latin, American Styles


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